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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between counselling and CBT?

CBT involves working with individuals to develop strategies to enable change. The CBT therapist helps to identify negative thoughts and patterns that are impacting on a client's life.

CBT is different from counselling in various ways. The most obvious being the increased level of structure. In CBT the practitioner will place greater emphasis on specific techniques, designed to help a client understand their feelings and make changes accordingly. 

However both CBT and counselling focus on current issues and facilitate healthy coping mechanisms to enable a client to move forwards.

CBT is primarily used for anxiety, panic, phobias, and low mood but the skills can be applied more broadly. 

Are counselling or psychological therapies suitable for me?

I welcome contact from anyone who feels they may benefit from counselling or psychological therapies. This includes enquiries from individuals, or referrals from GPs, other health professionals, organisations or employers. Through making contact, we are able to discuss the types of therapy I offer as well as answer any questions or queries you might have.

Is what I say confidential and will anything be put on my medical records?

Everything you tell me in your sessions is confidential and will not be passed on to anyone without your permission, including your GP (except in a few extreme risk situations which I will speak to you about in the initial session). Sometimes it is helpful for us to let your GP know you are working with me and I will talk to you about this if I feel this is the case. However, other than this, all material disclosed is confidential and will not be entered onto your medical records.

How long does each therapy session take and when can I see you?

Usually sessions last for 50 mins.  If you are considering EMDR, then sessions may run to 1 1/2 hours for some sessions.  I am available most weekdays and evenings and will try to fit in with your individual requirements. Please state your preference at the initial assessment.

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